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Go-To Games and Activities

Go-To Games and Activities   Do you know that queasy feeling of still having 10 more minutes left in a lesson after finishing all the work you had planned for the day? Do your students need a pick-me-up between tedious reading and writing assignments to spice things up a bit? Need something to wake your students up as you notice their heads nodding off to sleep?   These are some go-to games I’ve used that are pretty fool-proof and minimalist as far as materials are concerned. Please add your…

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Most Common Mistakes Russians Make

I’ve been wanting to make this for awhile, for both English teachers in Russia and Russian students so that both will fare better in the classroom. Whether it be out of bad habit, direct translation from Russianà English, or bad memory, these are the errors that, after almost 3 years of teaching in Russia, I see Russians make time and time again.   Here’s to less redundant error correction time in class!   Most Common Mistakes Russians Make   If I will go …. Ahh the infamous will after If.…

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When we live somewhere and plan on living in that place for quite a while it always seems that we will have plenty of time to see and experience everything the place has to offer. Being a native of Moscow, I, for example, have never been inside the mausoleum (shame on me!). If Lenin managed to maintain his original looks since 1924, he’ll wait a couple more years until I finally find the time to go see him. On the other hand, when I lived in the US, we went to see the Grand Canyon 11 times,…

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